Traditional Liqueur TINA, the launch of ‘Home party kit’ with music

23 Feb 2022
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[Sportsseoul reporter Kim Sooji] As the culture of "home drinking" has become more common due to COVID-19, more and more consumers are looking for new alcoholic beverages. As more and more customers enjoy alcoholic beverages in various ways, the liqueur distribution industry is conducting promotions or introducing related products for the home drinkers.

Among them, news of the sale of home party kits with music from TINA, a traditional liqueur released in 2018, has become a hot topic among home drinkers. TINA is a brand name that borrows the pure Korean word "TI NADA"(‘티 나다’- Remarkable) and is a traditional liqueur produced in Korea that means that it will become a "Remarkable" product in the liqueur market with a different design package and neat taste.

It is no mistake to say that most of the alcoholic beverages sold in Korea have been imported alcoholic beverages, and that almost 99% of Liqueur is imported alcoholic beverages. This has also had a great impact on the revitalization of the domestic liqueur market, but the steady interest in domestic liqueur, especially traditional liqueur, is blowing a small wind of change in the liqueur market.

The millennial generation's preference for traditional liqueur is due to the constant transformation of traditional liqueur. Traditional liqueur is challenging world-famous alcoholic beverages with changes and developments in ingredients and manufacturing methods such as long-term aged medical liqueur that is comparable to sake, brandy using fruits, such as apples, and distilled soju.

TINA is also sensationally popular among the young generation and plays a role in replacing imported alcoholic beverages. Not only domestic clubs and party places are favorite, but they are also exported overseas to publicize the excellence of the national economy and traditional Korean stocks.

TINA's home party kit consists of mirror balls, finger lights, and luminous rods, and you can listen to music by scanning the QR code printed on the package with your mobile phone. It catches the attention of the home drinkers with a groundbreaking idea that makes them feel as if they have moved clubs and party home.

An official from TINA said, "These days, when various gatherings are difficult due to COVID-19, you can safely enjoy the party atmosphere at home. TINA's home party kit, which can be enjoyed in various places such as birthday parties, house parties, and family gatherings, will provide small comfort and joy."

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