LAMP, The beauty and taste of traditional liqueur captivate young people.

23 Feb 2022
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[Sportsseoul's Kim Sooji] World-class silk, which boasts history and tradition, has all commercialized the country's long traditional liqueur. Countless drinks such as whiskey, wine, rum, and vodka are competing for pride with their own taste as well as the history.

However, despite its long history, Korea does not have traditional liqueur recognized in the global market. Occasionally, foreign tourists come to Korea and show their thumbs after drinking soju or makgeolli, but it is embarrassing to compare overseas reactions compared to other countries' drinks.

Although there are many things to be proud of, such as Korean culture and medical care such as K-POP and K-quarantine, and the economic situation that has performed well in a relatively sluggish global economic environment, it is regrettable that there is no traditional liqueur suitable for it.

As a result, unconventional new traditional stocks that break the image of existing traditional liqueur have emerged one after another, achieving the popularity of young people as well as the results of export to the global market, raising expectations.

It is expected that it will be difficult to captivate the tastes of not only middle-aged people but also young people who are familiar with the taste of traditional liqueur, but there is also a product called "TINA," which has already shown considerable results.

The newly launched LAMP is also receiving a lot of responses, already captivating the tastes of 2030 in the domestic market, and will soon be introduced in Asia and other global liqueur markets.

LAMP is known for its fresh and cool taste as a green liqueurr that adds melon for the deep taste of traditional liqueur. In particular, LAMP is famous for its unique bottle design, which meets first before tasting alcohol, and it is like a lamp in the fairy tale - Aladdin's lamp, making it a target for collection for lovers. It is not unfamiliar to make a wish while drinking and rubbing a magic lamp-shaped liqueur bottle.

If you see a green fairy in the sweet ecstasy, make a wish. "One wish will come true," he said, expressing his ambition to write a new history of Korean traditionalism, saying: "It will be fun to share wishes with beloved ones at a fun drinking party."


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