Ato Company launched new lemon-flavored products, 'Y TINA' and 'TINA BIB'

4 May 2023
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Ato company, a liquor company that presents the Liqueur brand TINA, announced on the 1st that they are officially launching a new series of TINA called "Y TINA" in lemon flavor, as well as a large-capacity liqueur called "TINA BIB" (Bag in Box).
Launched in 2018, TINA combines a modern sense, stylish design, and a unique blend of traditional liquor and liqueur, creating a distinctive taste.
The newly released lemon-flavored "Y TINA" has a refreshing lemon taste with a mild alcohol content of 16 degrees. It features an LED button installed at the bottom of the bottle, allowing it to emit light, creating a different atmosphere for special occasions such as birthdays, proposals, and various events.
Furthermore, "TINA BIB" is a large-capacity (3 liters) liqueur with an alcohol content of 30 degrees, capable of making a total of 150 highball cocktails. It boasts a high cost-performance ratio, allowing individuals to enjoy TINA highballs conveniently at home, camping, travel, parties, and any other location.
Ato Company representative stated, "The TINA series is not only exported to China and Japan but also has signed export contracts with the United States. We are actively engaged in export discussions with companies from Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, and other countries worldwide, aiming to promote the excellent taste and aroma of Korean traditional liquor.
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