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From 2018 to the present,Based on experiences and know-how in various places like clubs,

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Your House Becomes Club! Traditional Alcohol TINA Launching ‘Home Party Kit’ with music.

9 Sep 2020
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Your House Becomes Club! 

Traditional Alcohol TINA Launching ‘Home Party Kit’ with music.

By COVID-19 the culture which called “ home drink ”, drinking in own house, is universalized. Following this situation consumers currently find special alcohol. As the increase of consumer who find the way take pleasure in dinking the distributors and establishments of alcohol industry launches promotion or proceeds with related products for these consumers.

In the meantime, it makes the round that information which traditional alcohol TINA ( released in 2018 ) launches Home Party Kit. TINA is Brand name derived from the Korean word ‘ ti nada ’, ‘ti’ which means an air of temper and ‘nada’ means appear, TINA involves that try to be a conspicuous product.

Until now the alcohol which is sold in Korea is mostly imported. In the case of liquor it is not an exaggeration about 99% is imported. alcohol industry experiencing the wind of change by interest of new generation.

Changing preference for traditional alcohol of new generations is due to constant transition of Korean traditional alcohol. The Korean traditional alcohol consistently challenges to global alcohol industry and market with development and alteration on process and materials such as mature liquor which has no defects comparing with Japanese Sa-Ke, Brandy made of fruit like apple, and distilled So-Ju etc.

On the other hand, TINA also plays a part of role that replaces imported liquor to traditional by making a splash between young generations. TINA boosts national economy and makes widely known the superiority of Korean liquor by exporting briskly in current as well as being bestseller in party place.

TINA’s Home Party Kit is compared with mirrorball, finger light, luminous stick and so on, it is possible to listen to music when scanning QR code which printed on package. It attracts people who drink at home by the idea as if transport club in the house as it is.

Staff of TINA announced “ TINA Home Party Kit is the product which enjoy the party at home in this period when is hard to have a meeting owing to COVID-19, and TINA’s package which takes advantage of using various event like birthday, home party, or family events will help to have a great time. ”



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