‘TINA’ Strawberry liqueur, in October enters Autumn Kakao present & 11번가 online shop.

23 Feb 2022
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In Autumn when you want to fall into the atmosphere, how about to create this cool atmosphere? In Autumn atmosphere drink a glass of alcohol drink, there’s a product which can bring this Autumn atmosphere.

ATTO.Co.,Ltd launched strawberry liqueur TINA(티나). It is a product which you should taste it with your eyes first and then with your mouth. The bottle design is so sophisticated that it is reminding of a perfume bottle, it is a visually satisfying product. As soon as it is released in Gangnam, Itaewon and other hot places, it is receiving high attention among many women

‘Tina’ is a premium 16 degree liqueur is made by ripen sweet and fresh strawberries with strong and deep taste. You can enjoy it without mixing with other drinks, it is a special point of None-mix liqueur, therefore we recommend to drink it purely. It is also a popular product among ‘술알못’  women who can't drink alcohol.

There is LED light equipped on the bottom of the bottle. When LED light is turned on in the dark, vivid and dim red light will raise your mood.

It draws attention in a fancy club, and also a must-have product which can create club atmosphere in a dark room.

After product’s launch, it has been released in 11번가 so that many consumers could easily purchase it, and it can be easily found in Kakao Talk gifts as well.

It is good enough to be an interior accessory. In the coming fall it is expected to be a touching gift to my beloved ones and acquaintances.

An official from "Tina" said, "After launching ‘TINA’ I am looking forward to introduce emotional product to many consumers in order to easily purchase products that can only be tasted at clubs, lounges, and hotels through 11번가 and Kakao Talk gifts."

Meanwhile, ‘TINA’ is a K-Liqueur made with the aim of promoting the taste of Korean alcohol to the world, and to look back to an alcohol culture and market of Korea in order to promote the Korean Wave and Korean alcohol.

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