More delicious without mixing ‘TINA’ liqueur launch…LED light on the bottom raises up the mood!

23 Feb 2022
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More delicious without mixing ‘TINA’ liqueur launch…LED light on the bottom raises up the mood!In the liqueur market these days, sweet products with low ABV, regardless of the type of liqueur, are the trend. Especially among women who prefer to enjoy drinking more than getting drunk It is gaining popularity because even if the alcohol is weak, it is perfect to drink without any pressure and boost the atmosphere and excitement of the drinking party.

Various types of liqueur are introduced in relation to this mainstream culture, and liqueur made by adding nectar or medical herbs to distilled liqueur has a good scent and taste.Depending on your preference, it doesn't matter if you have it mixed or purely as it is.

TINA, recently launched by ATTO.Co.,Ltd, is a premium liqueur that anyone can enjoy easily and lightly because its prescription is suitable at 16% alcohol degree.You can feel the unique sweet taste and flavor of strawberries. It is characterized as a None-mix liqueur that tastes good without mixing it with other drinks.

Tina is scheduled to announce its first launch at a famous Gangnam club through a launching party, is drawing high attention from club officials as well as club-loving 2030 clovers.Tina is relevant to mixing with orange juice, cider, and energy drinks if desired, but it is recommended to drink purely as it is in order to taste it properly.When you have it as it is, the rich taste of ripen strawberries wraps around the mouth and makes you feel dramatic.

Tina's bottle design targets the tastes of young people. The appearance of red and white in key colors is so sophisticated that it is reminiscent of perfume bottle.The logo consisting of five vertically long rectangles in the front of the bottle symbolizes an equalizer that represents youth and passion of people in their 20s.

In addition, there is LED light installed at the bottom of Tina's bottle. If you turn on LED light in dark places like evening parties and clubs, you'll get a fancy flashy look from Tina's bottle.Red light heightens the atmosphere. It's also good to use as an item when you want to get the spotlight around you.

A brand official said, "It's much better to have it purely as it is without mixing Tina," adding, "It's better to have it in famous clubs across the country, including Gangnam, Hongdae, Itaewon, and Busan.""I expect that TINA will receive a lot of love among the young people I like," he said.

Meanwhile, you can get more information by visiting TINA's official Instagram and Facebook pages.

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