Company Introduction

[Premium Brand Liqueur TINA ]

The domestic launch of the premium K-liqueur Tina challenged the 
imported liqueur that was leading the existing market. 
At the same time, Tina also communicates not only with consumers in their 
20s and 30s but also, we are looking all ages. 
We pride ourselves as a premium K-liqueur. 
The Korean mainstream is extremely unusual 
It's gaining word of mouth in the industry as it enters clubs, lounge Bars and hotels.

Looking at the domestic liqueur market in recent years, 
sweet products at low frequency regardless of the mainstream is the trend. 
It's gaining popularity among women who prefer to enjoy rather than take it, 
Even if the alcohol is weak, you can drink casually, 
and it is good for the atmosphere and excitement of the drink.

A brand official said, 
Tina is a K-liqueur made with the purpose of bringing the taste of Korean alcohol to the world. 
I expect to be loved a lot by young people who like to bounce.”

In addition, as “K-Culture, K-Music, K-Food, K-Movie, etc.” 
is spreading throughout the world, Tina also actively participates to advance to K-liqueur. 
I would like to look back on the mainstream culture and market in Korea and become a Hallyu to promote Korean alcohol.

2018년 7월


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