Product : LAMP

Place of origin : Republic of Korea

Alcohol degree : 16%

Capacity : 700ml

Quantity : 6ea/BOX

Expiration date : 10 years unopened

Main ingredient : purified water.

Barcode : 8  809251 391088

Product characteristics:
LAMP is a melon-flavored K-Liquur made by aging in Andong, the hometown of traditional liquor.
LAMP boasts a deep taste, sweetness, and a different flavor.
It also features a different atmosphere through the LED at the bottom of the bottle. 


The green fairy is the main character of LAMP.
Based on LAMP's main character, Ato can create a variety of contents to approach consumers friendly.
The green fairy, who will make your wish come true, gives you a different pleasure beyond the boredom of existing traditional liquor. 


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