Tell Your wish
to the green fairy
In March 2021

Launched Melon-flavored
traditional liquor

Lamp has something that you can't see in other traditional liquors. 
Through its unique design and taste the prejudice of traditional liqueurs disappears.
 Appeals to young people
in their 20s and 30s. 

With sweet special taste And unique design LAMP brings a new joy to consumers.
Product : LAMP

Place of origin : Republic of Korea

Alcohol degree : 16%

Capacity : 700ml

Quantity : 6ea/BOX

Expiration date : 10 years unopened

Main ingredient : purified water.

Barcode : 8  809251 391088

Product characteristics:
LAMP is a melon-flavored K-Liquur made by aging in Andong, the hometown of traditional liquor.
LAMP boasts a deep taste, sweetness, and a different flavor.
It also features a different atmosphere through the LED at the bottom of the bottle. 


The green fairy is the main character of LAMP.
Based on LAMP's main character, Ato can create a variety of contents to approach consumers friendly.
The green fairy, who will make your wish come true, gives you a different pleasure beyond the boredom of existing traditional liquor. 

Through the LED button 
at the bottom of the bottle,
The mysterious light comes out. 
Therefore, you can enjoy 
a different atmosphere. 
Like a fairy from the lamp fulfilling 
a wish, The mysterious light of 
LAMP will make your 
wishes come true.

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