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In Korea's liquor market, you can find alcohol from all over the world.
However, Korean traditional liquor accounts for only 0.3% of the total liquor.
Even this is being ignored by young people in their 20s and 30s.

Korean traditional liquor, LAMP LIQUEUR, has been culturally wasted like this.
It was created to create the added value of Korean traditionalism.

LAMP approaches young people in a friendly manner and creates the added value of traditional Korean liquor.
Through this, we are opening up the possibility of infinite cultural value of traditionalism.

Korean traditional liquor LAMP Liqueur does not just give consumers the meaning of drinking alcohol.
Reflecting the elements of "fun" in the "product itself" so that you can enjoy a more enjoyable and healthy drinking culture.
A combination of traditional methods and future technologies, LAMP Liqueur can give consumers a new experience.

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